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Ultra Zarand



The Ultra Zărand event is a sporting event for amateurs and professionals with the aim of promoting long distance mountain running and ultramarathon.

Ultra Zărand is organized by the Tourism Association “In Amonte”, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, without profit or commercial purpose and without employees.


Ultra Zărand represents a unique concept for promoting the natural, cultural and historical heritage of Arad county, combining local tourism with mountain running – the ultramarathon section, and having as a central theme the journey of a mountain route that reaches the most important objectives of the county, respectively, camp Căsoaia, Şiriei Fortress, Feredeu Shrine, Cuvin Commune, Ghioroc Commune, Cladovei Valley, Maria Radna Monastery, Şoimoș Fortress and Highiș Peak.

Also, through this event we want to promote a healthy lifestyle by practicing running in nature far from polluting the cities, increasing the number of tourists and promoting the ecology.



Mountain ultramarathon competition with a length of 50 miles / 80 km and a difference of level of approximately 3300m.

The route of the competition will take place on marked tourist routes and will reach the most important tourist objectives of Arad county, on the route: START Camp Căsoaia (on the blue bullet) – Tiria through the city of Tiria (on the blue cross) – Feredeu skit (on the red band) ) – Capra Peak (470m) (on the blue strip) – Ghioroc (on the blue strip) – Cladova (blue bull) – Maria Radna Monastery (without tourist mark) – Cetoimoș Fortress (yellow triangle and red strip) – Highiș Peak (880m) (red triangle) – Căsoaia camp (FINISH) .


Technical data:

  • Category : trail running, great difficulty.
  • Final deadline : 18 hours.
  • Land : forest roads, tourist paths, asphalt.
  • Hydration / food points: 6 points that will contain: energy drinks, water, fruit, soup, sweets and various food products.
  • Marking : tourist markings and / or white / red signaling band.
  • Mountain experience : recommended.
  • Participation categories: open

Required equipment:

  1. small backpack / pouch
  2. cell phone with battery charged
  3. water can / camelback bag (capacity of at least 1 liter)
  4. long-sleeved body blouse
  5. sheet of rain and wind
  6. cap / strap / buff
  7. long trousers / tights or combination of leggings + leggings
  8. front and backup batteries
  9. survival foil
  10. route map (received in the start kit)
  11. contest number

Recommended equipment:

  1. trekking sticks
  2. energizing sticks and / or energizing gels
  3. mini medical kit (elastic band, sterile bandage, 4 patches, safety pins)
  4. gloves
  5. whistle

The equipment will be checked at the start and at random during the race and at the finish. Missing one or more objects in the mandatory equipment results in disqualification or penalty of 1 hour for each missing object.


The organizers reserve the right to disqualify any participant if they do not comply with this regulation or in one of the following situations:

– losing or modifying the competition number;
– non-observance of the route;
– use of a means of transport during the race;
– leaving the equipment on the route;
– throwing garbage on the route, the used packaging can be left at the control points or at the feeding points;
– not granting aid to another competitor in difficulty;
– lack of respect for the other competitors, organizers, volunteers;
– accompanying the competitors by the spectators / supporters and the help of any kind from outside except by making the feeding points from which the participants can receive energetic food and drinks from the supporters and spectators;
– exceeding the deadline announced in advance by the organizers.



Friday 01.11.2019

4 pm – pick up kits

8 pm – technical meeting

Saturday 02.11.2019

00:00 – START

6 pm – FINISH

8 pm award ceremony

Sunday 03.11.2019

– 12:00 – closing of the event

Depending on weather conditions and / or unforeseen events, changes may be announced by the organizers.

In case of changes in this program, they will be announced by the organizers in a timely manner on all communication channels: e-mail, facebook page, competition website.



The organizers reserve the right to change the route at any time, the route changes will be announced in advance.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel / postpone the race in exceptional cases, provided that all participants are notified in advance.

In case of adverse weather conditions and / or other special conditions the organizers reserve the right to stop the race.

In case of major force, by this we mean any events that could influence the smooth running of the event such as: natural disasters, major floods, or major political events that cause the organizers to cancel the competition, the participation fee will not be refunded, another date will be set for the competition.


During the competition the road traffic on the road sections open to road traffic will not be restricted, as well as tourists and / or animals may be encountered on the route of the competition.

The runners are responsible for participating in the race, the organizer assumes no obligation in case a competitor gets injured and / or other consequences arise due to participating in this competition.

The organizer assumes no responsibility for the objects lost or left on the route during the competition.

There will be a first aid point where specialized medical service will be provided in case of need.



It will be possible to register any elderly person who is medically fit to support this type of effort, based on the declaration on his / her own responsibility signed when validating the registration.

The registration is made ON-LINE by filling in the form at the address: Registration


  1. 150 lei between 01.08.2019 – 31.08.2019
  2. 170 lei between 01.09.2019 – 30.09.2019
  3. 190 lei between 01.10.2019 – 20.10.2019

The cost of accommodation is not included in the registration fee. (Those who want accommodation will stay in shared rooms).

For booking the accommodation to be paid in the same account:

  • 40 lei / person / night
  • 80 lei / person for two nights

After completing the registration form, the payment of the tax can be made within 7 calendar days from the date of registration, in the bank account with IBAN code: RO54 BTRL RONC RT02 1251 8701 – opened on behalf of the Tourist Association Upstream with the mention Ultra Zărand .

Validation and confirmation of payment is done both manually and depending on how you paid the tax and can take between 1 day and 10 days.

If you wish to cancel the registration, please notify us by email at .

Until 01.10.2019, the tax will be refunded in the amount of 50%. After this date, the tax is not refunded, with the following options:

– Lifting the participation kit with a copy of the identity card by another person.

– Transfer of registration to another participant (this is possible ONLY until October 15, 2019). The registration can be transferred to another person by sending an e-mail, the written confirmation by e-mail from the organizers is the validation of the new entry.

In case of withdrawal from the race, the participation fee will not be refunded.

No registrations are made on the spot.


Participation fee includes:

  1. Start pack that will include the contest number and route map
  2. The route in GPX format
  3. Timing – (without timing chip)
  4. Pasta before the race and a hot meal offered after the competition
  5. Points of revitalization and support, on the route of the contest
  6. Isotonic drinks offered on the route and in the Start / Finish area
  7. Ranking
  8. Access to photos from the event
  9. Marking the additional route for tourist markings
  10. Providing medical assistance in case of need, at the points indicated by the organizers
  11. Tombola with surprise prizes for participants and volunteers
  12. Prizes in products and / or in money
  13. Finisher’s medal
  14. Event jersey
  15. Other


Women’s Open (first 5 positions)
Men’s Open (first 5 positions)



In the leisure camp Căsoaia.

The cost of accommodation is 40 lei / person / night in common rooms .

The reservation of accommodation can be made with the registration in the competition, filling in the registration form.

You can also camp for free and without prior reservation.



At the phone number: 0755060784 – Draia Răzvan Raul

To the following address:

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